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  • Situated in the northeast of Spain, Catalonia is a captivating country with a distinct language, Catalan, and a rich culture shaped by more than 1,000 years of history.  It is home to one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Barcelona, as well as to the quiet tranquility of rural villages surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Catalonia is a land of precipitous mountains and shimmering coastlines. The Pyrenees, with its crisp alpine climate, dominates north Catalonia. Huge peaks and glacial valleys extend into rugged cliffs that plunge majestically into the sea at Cap de Creus. The 580 kmcoastline has a sultry Mediterranean climate and a variety of stunning scenery, ranging from the coves of the Costa Brava in the north to the long sandy beaches of Costa Daurada in the south.A country of fascinating contrasts, Cataloniacombines urban edginess and tradition, cosmopolitan energy and ancient history, exhilarating mountains and sparkling beaches. It is also famous for its delicious and distinct cuisine, which embraces dishes that are both wonderfully simple as well as wildly experimental, all using the freshest local ingredients.
  • Endlessly interesting, Catalonia is the perfect place for adventure, romance and relaxation.
  • Balancing the ancient and the avant-garde, Cataloniaboasts Roman remains and medieval monasteries as well as bold, cutting-edge design. The Roman city ofTarraco, modern day Tarragona, contains a number of intriguing Roman relics, whilst former monasteries like Sant Pere de Rodes combine tranquil history with some of Catalonia’s most impressive Romanesque architecture. The great Catalan architect, Antonio Gaudi steered the art-nouveau movement to almost hallucinatory heights: his unfinished masterpiece, LaSagrada Familia, is one of Barcelona’s most iconic sights. Another Catalan of impressive originality was Salvador Dali, whose striking and bizarre work has become a mainstay of the surrealist tradition.