How Long Will Court be?

Hempstead Tx Courthouse

Once a person is charged with a crime, the next steps are mostly a long string of courtroom visits. How long this takes nobody really knows. The attorney who is hired will need to collect all the evidence that he is allowed to get in order to properly represent the client. This usually takes a few months to do. Sometimes certain evidence is very difficult to get ahold of and is held up by a certain agency or agencies policy. On one recent case an attorney was not able to get an important video for a DWI case for almost 2 years after the DWI arrest took place. It was very important in the resolution of the case and the attorney would not have been properly doing his job had he not gotten the video. It had critical evidence that needed to be reviewed.

Other hold ups can be in the negotiation process. In order to get a resolution to a case the lawyers from each side need to consult with each other. This can be delayed without all the information required in order to bargain. The defense attorney is not in a good bargaining position if he or she does not know the strengths or weaknesses of the case. Being able to quickly respond and point out a particular issue can be of huge importance during negotiations.

When considering an attorney for a Waller County Tx case or you need a Hempstead Texas DWI Lawyer. With excellent negotiating skills and a determination to investigate the entire case for all strengths and weaknesses you will be in a excellent position for a victory. This particular attorney has numerous years of experience in the Waller County Texas Courthouse that is located in Hempstead, Tx. Being respected and on friendly terms helps get good deals for the clients too.